I couldn’t make this up

I got this message from a 72 year old guy on Match:

“Would you like to have a friend from Raleigh only? I like to meet a younger lady for lunch,dinner,traveling,beaches and some one that loves to be spoiled? Ron”

Now I don’t mind older men, but I really don’t think I can handle someone in their 70’s.  And honestly I don’t need anyone to take me out and spend money on me.  I have my own money.

But then just for giggles I go read his profile, and this is exactly what it says:

“I have lived in Raleigh all of my born days. I love the outdoors such as cooking out(pig pickings) on the grill rain or shine. Every spring I have a little garden with fresh veg(tomatoes,corn,cabbage,lots of beans). I love to go to the beach for the day or week. I love to walk most days. Some one that likes to be pampered. I love to meet a lady that loves to travel and be spoiled a lot. IS THERE ANY INTERIOR DECORATIONS ON THIS LINE? I NEED ONE. ”

I don’t think I’d make a very good INTERIOR DECORATION.  And why is he yelling about that?  Did the last group of guests he had over for a pig pickin’, bean eating party complain about the decor?  One has to wonder.

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